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We are a growing community with people that use personal electric transportation devices such as bicycles, kick scooters, scooters and other electrical devices that makes our life beautiful!

This also gives us the chance to enroll in great projects such as testing new and exciting products. In today’s post you are going to see the RND M1 Plus eScooter a possible alterative to the popular Xiaomi M365 model. It boasts a nominal 350W motor that propels it up to 30km/h even with a load of 85kg. The battery has 6350mAh and the range is ~ 20-30 km depending on the speed and weight of the rider. Another big advantage is given by the large 10″ front and 10.5″ rear pneumatic tires that makes the scooter pleasant to ride even on bumpy roads. For the full video review watch here: https://youtu.be/w-NApmRLl3E

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  1. Salut! Se merita acest RND la pretul de 2500 ron? Eu am avut un e-twow Booster prin 2015. Mi-e greu sa ma decid ce trotineta sa cumpar acum. Un Joyor greoi, un Xiaomi slabut dar usor si cochet, sau RND-ul acesta? Daca atinge 30 km/h, e decent. Suspensiile de pe modelele Joyor ajuta mult?

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