How to pick your electric scooter – What to choose between Xiaomi, E-twow or Joyor?


In 2018 electric scooters are becoming more and more popular. But what brand do we choose? And if we decide on a particular brand, what model?

At this time there are 3 large brands of electric scooters, with different models, each with their advantages and disadvantages. At first glance, we have to choose between:

1) Joyorstrong and heavy. Provides autonomy and speed superior to other brands, but mediocre portability, being the heaviest.

2) E-twowdecent specifications and reliability. They are lighter than the Joyor models, more ergonomic and easy to carry when moving alongside them.

3) Xiaomidecent specifications and attention to detail. They are almost as easy as the E-twow, sufficiently ergonomic, easy to park and carry. Speed ​​and autonomy are similar to the E-twow models.

Considering that the Xiaomi model has the lowest price if ordered on foreign websites, we can conclude briefly that (for now):

… are all recommended. We just have to think about what we want from the scooter that we are going to buy and how much we are willing to invest.

We’ll come back with more details soon.


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